Knowledge-sharing and Workshops

In the last few months, I’ve been busy at work. Hosting small workshops and short knowledge-sharing sessions.

You will find them in the new category Workshops here on my webpage. It will cover the Workshops and Knowledge-sharing sessions that I’ve hosted and presented at work or in other contexts. A knowledge-sharing session is similar to a talk but encourages a discussion and learning of the topic.

I use the knowledge-sharing sessions in my team as an opportunity to learn more about a specific topic, and it is a great way to consume and process the knowledge, to then share it within the team.

I’m also getting a lot of support from my team, mentor, and leader at work to do this type of self-development.

I hope to develop as a presenter and knowledge-sharer, and I hope you find them interesting as they mostly are within my field of interest and touch specifically on topics around software engineering and software security.

Hope you enjoy checking out the new section