Presentations: Creating a Marp theme

I’ve been struggling with Powerpoint. I find it hard to work with, especially when I need to share simple presentations with code snippets, Powerpoint was a pain to work with.

I got tired of this and decided to look for alternatives and found Marp.

At first, it didn’t work at all for me, but it turned out that I had a poor Markdown Previewer Extention installed in my VSCode. After that was removed, things started to make sense.

Nice, now I could easily add code snippets, and pictures, without the hassle of making it in PowerPoint. But I was lacking something, my presentations didn’t carry the branding of the company I work for.

Well, welcome challenge! I do not know any CSS, and now was the time to learn some very basic CSS and create a Marp Theme for the company I work for.

After some struggle and nice help from friends, I made it!

The result is an easy go-to solution for me when I need to create presentations.

There is still a lot of work that can be done on this CSS theme, and I probably will extend it slowly. When I need to. To study the results in more detail, check out this repository