2021: Summer Reading

This summer has been used to spending time outside and having fun reading whenever the chance and motivation were up for it.

I managed to get through some books that I enjoyed reading and learning from this summer.

My main focus in reading this summer has been to become more proficient with Rust and API Security. All the books that I read this summer are beneficial for my master thesis as they will be written in Rust as microservices focusing on Security.

Listed in the order I read the books (no rating).

Rust In Action


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In this book, we build quite a lot of small things. One of them was an httpserver that was hosting files, and another fun project was to build a very minimalistic kernel. So we got introduced to the #![no_std] in Rust and some error handling that we needed to make this kernel run.

Here is a small screenshot from “kefOS” running in QEMU. kefOS

Zero to Prod in Rust

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Book - Homepage

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This book covers everything from getting started on a project to evolving with Test Driven Development, and how to deploy to CI/CD. It is a fun and practical project to develop your skills further on.

Rust Servers, Services, and Apps MEAP

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Book - Manning Publications

Code - Github Repo

Introduction to actix_web in Rust and how to build APIs. Also, starts low-level with an intro project with networking and then scales to the RESTful API project. Not a fan of the structures of the projects and how they are built.

API Security in Action

Book cover

Manning: API Security in Action

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Well, how do you secure your API? This book covers it. From cookies, correct headers to JWT Tokens, OAuth. The complete process here with all explanations for how and why and what each method mitigates and what to think about when using one scheme over the other. Super nice examples in Java using Spark to create an API that you iterate through different solutions.

Microservices Security In Action

Book cover

Manning: Microservices Security In Action